The top 2 candidates in the June 3rd primary election will be on the ballot in November.

Nancy Pelosi will be one.

With your vote, I can be the other.


I am an advocate for:

  • Global Living Wages
  • Improved Medicare for All
  • No tuition for all public Colleges & Universities in California
  • Interest Free Student Loans
  • GMO Food Labeling
  • Taxing Carbon Emissions
  • Removing Big Money from Politics
  • A Path to Citizenship for Anyone who is Undocumented
  • Bringing our troops home
  • Eliminating homelessness in America
  • A Free Palestine

I oppose:

  • Drone warfare
  • Mass surveillance by our government
  • Importing dirty oil from Canada
  • Fracking
  • Trade agreements where workers and the environment suffer
  • Indefinite solitary confinement for any prisoner in America